50ª Jornada Paulista de Radiologia
2º Jornada de Radiologia Intervencionista
30 de abril a 03 de maio, São paulo - Brasil
50th São Paulo Radiological Meeting
2nd Intervencional Radiology Meeting
April 30 – May 3 – São Paulo, Brazil

The official day for visiting students of radiology technical schools at JPR 2020 is May 3, Sunday, from 9 am to 12 pm. For students to have access to JPR as a student visitor, a representative of the school in which they study must first enroll the group in the Visiting School Registration System, which is available at the JPR 2020 website. The SPR student enrollment period is from January 10 to April 6, 2020 , or as long as there are vacancies available. It is noteworthy at this point that student visitation places are limited; therefore, the maximum number of students to be registered per school is 80 people.

The student application process is as follows: the representative of the technical school must access the School/Visitor Registration System by the specified deadline, record the school data (Company Name, corporate ID – Brazilian CNPJ - and address), their data as representative (full name, ID, Brazilian CPF, e-mail and contact phone) and the details of the students who will visit (full name, ID and Brazilian CPF). In addition, the person in charge must upload to the School/Visitor Registration System a letter written on the institution's letterhead to the SPR, requesting permission for this visit.

After review and approval of the request sent by the head of the technical school, SPR will issue a Visiting Permission Document, which must be presented by the school representative to the Visitor's Office, at the venue of the event, on Sunday, May 3, the day of the visit, along with your ID and the ID of all registered students. After this procedure, students will receive a “Visitor - Student” badge and have free access to the JPR 2020 Technical Exhibition.

• Only schools previously registered at the JPR website and receiving a protocol number from SPR can take their students to visit the event's technical exhibition.

• Only students whose names and personal data were sent by the head of the previously registered Radiology Technical School to SPR may visit JPR 2020 as a student/visitor. This registration is personal and not transferable.

• Due to the limited reception capacity at the Technical Exhibition, the maximum number of students to be registered per school is 80 people.

• Students of Radiology Technical Schools who register as a student/visitor do not receive a certificate nor proof of attendance. In this case, the badge itself should be considered as proof of participation.

• All students/visitors to Radiology Technical Schools must be 16 years old or older. The entry of minors under 16 years old, even accompanied by parents or guardians, is strictly prohibited, and this rule is irrevocable, in response to demands from competent bodies in the area.