50ª Jornada Paulista de Radiologia
Edição especial online
50th São Paulo Radiological Meeting
Online special edition

Important Notice

In recent weeks, the Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Society of São Paulo (SPR) has closely followed, with all its professionalism and seriousness, the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil and worldwide and decided - with great sadness, but a lot of courage - to cancel the 50th São Paulo Radiological Meeting (JPR 2020), which would take place on April 30 – 3 May, at the Transamerica Expo Center.

The decision was made after pondering difficult and delicate questions, based on a careful analysis of the context and all scenarios, taking into account the main scientific data about coronavirus and the guidelines of governmental and health agencies. SPR would like to thank everyone who, until now, was part of the 50th São Paulo Radiological Meeting (JPR 2020). We move forward with the commitment to make an even better Meeting in 2021, and asking now for everyone’s support. To those who have questions, suggestions, or requirements, we ask that you contact us through the relationship channels available on the SPR website. All will be answered and guided, as soon as possible.

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Fees for participation in JPR depend on the category in which the participant fits and the date on which s/he enrolls.

See the deadlines and fees for registering for JPR 2020

SPR Member Exempt Registration

The registration payment exemption benefit is guaranteed to SPR members who are up to date with the payment of the 2019 and 2020 annuities and make their registration in the pre-registration period (until April 17, 2020).
SPR members who fail to pay their membership dues by April 10, 2019, will forfeit the JPR 2020 registration exemption benefit. In this case, in order to attend the event, they will have to re-enroll at the event venue, paying the amount recommended in the registration form according to the deadline and locality in force.

Limited vacancies

We highlight participation places in JPR 2020 are limited. SPR recommends that applicants apply as soon as possible. Also, due to the physical limit of vacancies and in compliance with safety standards, SPR does not guarantee the completion of the registration of interested parties after the vacancies are gone.


Members of partner organizations, Medicine students, postgraduates, interns, and residents should fax their proof of category to (+5511) 5053-6364 or e-mail . Accepted category proofs are: for members of other societies: declaration of payments; for Medicine students, graduate students and specialists/residents: certificate of enrollment.

Early badge

The pre-registered attendee can receive their badge in advance by mail, at the address provided at the time of registration. To do this, tick this option. We emphasize that the delivery of the badge is made by the signature of a receiver at the given address. Those who live in homes should be instructed to receive this material. Those who live in apartments should notify the concierge and periodically check with the local team if there has been a delivery. If the badge is received by a third party, and the receipt is signed and registered with the Post Office, and the attendee alleges that s/he has not received such a document from the third party, SPR will charge a R$ 100 fee for the issue of a second version. This condition is an irrevocable security measure.


Physicians who obtained a Specialist Title or Area of Practice Certificate in Brazil after January 2006 should revalidate their certificate (CAP) every five years. Participation in JPR confers points that can be added in this process. If you wish to receive the points for renewal of the specialist title from CNA-CAP, you must opt for this and pay the additional 3% of your registration, which will be fully allocated to the Brazilian Medical Association. This amount will be added to the amount to be paid in the chosen category.

Registration Transfers

Enrollment in JPR 2020 is personal and non-transferable. If a registrant can no longer attend the event, s/he must request the cancellation of the registration and refund of the amount paid.

Cancellation Policy

Requests for registration cancellation should be sent to the email with a copy to . Cancellation requests will be met under the following conditions:

a) Cancellation requests made within 7 (seven) days after the course/event registration date: the amount paid for the registration will be refunded 100%;

b) Applications made after the 8th day of registration until April 13, 2020: SPR will refund 90% of the amount paid for the registration.

c) Applications made after April 13, 2020, will not be reimbursed, except in cases involving health problems with a medical certificate. If the medical situation is proven, SPR will reimburse 90% of the amount paid for the registration.