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JPR 2020

Exam safety in pregnancy is the focus of Women Imaging

The program of the Women Imaging module covers two major specialties, Gynecology and Obstetrics, distributed during the four days of the event. The module was organized […]

Informatics Hands On and the neural network

This year’s Machine Learning hands on module was designed for the radiologist who does not know how to program computers. The classes will show how a […]

Ultrasound: send questions to the Practical Learning and Discussion Session

Residents and professionals from these areas: General ultrasound, internal medicine, abdomen, musculoskeletal and musculoskeletal intervention are invited to contribute with questions related to the two forums […]

Practical activity for residents is carried out in the pre-JPR

On April 29, the day before JPR starts, SPR will offer a practical activity to residents enrolled in the Online Radiology Course (COR) for Residencies. COR […]
JPR 2020

Committee announces selected papers for JPR

The Scientific Papers Committee finalized the selection of papers that will be presented or exhibited during JPR. The authors are receiving the communication by email and […]
Vila do Ultrassom

Ultrasound Village: theory and practice combined

Success in its debut at JPR 2019, the Ultrasound Village will once again be one of the event’s highlights. The space, in the technical exhibition, is […]
JPR 2020

Nuclear Medicine addresses use of radioisotopes

  The organization of the Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging module is made by the coordinators Drs. George Barbério Coura Filho, Marcelo Araujo Queiróz, Rafael Willaim […]
JPR 2020

Meet the official JPR travel agency

  Seiva Turismo is JPR 2020’s official travel agency, prepared to offer the event attendees a variety of discounted official airfare and lodging options. In the […]

Registration for scientific papers ends on January 6

Note: do not miss this deadline! Attendees and lecturers wishing to present a scientific paper at JPR 2020 must submit their abstracts by next Monday, January […]