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Check the week schedule of JPR 2020 Virtual!

This week, from June 1 to 5, JPR 2020 Virtual will offer new lives with renowned professors and important topics related to Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging. […]

How will JPR 2020 Virtual take place?

The JPR 2020 Virtual starts on Wednesday, May 27, at 6:30 pm, at, with a presentation by RSNA. This session marks the beginning of Phase […]

Contact with exhibitors is being made exclusively by e-mail

Due to the mandatory quarantine that occurs as a preventive measure for the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), telephone service at SPR and BM2 Eventos offices is temporarily […]
Videoteca Digital SPR

SPR releases 40 Digital Video Library classes to all active members up to 3/5

In order to support its members during the period of social isolation, adopted by most Brazilian states as one of the contingency measures of the pandemic […]

SPR official announcement on the cancellation of JPR 2020

In recent weeks, the Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Society of São Paulo (SPR) has closely followed, with all its professionalism and seriousness, the evolution of the […]

Important notice on the 50th São Paulo Radiological Meeting

The Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Society of São Paulo (SPR) has been following the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in the last three weeks with great […]

Neuroradiology brings Spine Symposium

The Neuroradiology module was organized by the Brazilian coordinators, Drs. Lázaro Luís Faria do Amaral, Luis Filipe de Souza Godoy, and Renato Hoffmann Nunes, along with […]

SPR Official Statement on the COVID-19 epidemic and JPR 2020

The Radiological and Diagnostic Imaging Society of São Paulo (SPR) informs all its members – including coordinators, professors, and JPR attendees, as well as all their […]
radiologia para veterinários

ABRV organizes the Radiology for Veterinarians module

As in the last editions, the organization of the Radiology for Veterinarians module is made by the board of the Brazilian Association of Veterinary Radiology (ABRV), […]