Frequent Asked Questions

JPR 2020 Virtual

Café JPR Virtual

1How can I attend the JPR 2020 Virtual?

The JPR 2020 Virtual program is divided into four phases, as shown in the table:

Phases 1 and 3 will take place in two periods: from May 27 to June 24 and, later, from July 27 to August 12. The lives are held daily, from Monday to Thursday at 6:30 pm and, on Fridays, at 5 pm (BRA UTC-3), and the program can be checked on the JPR website.

Phases 2 and 4 will also be divided into two dates: June 24 and August 12. The lives recordings + the classes recorded at a distance will be made available within SPR’s new Digital Video Library.

2How do I access the lives (phases 1 and 3) of the JPR 2020 Virtual?

The transmissions are made through the JPR website, and the access button is available in two places: on the home page and within the lives program (Program menu).
To participate, click on “Click here and access the lives”, fill out a registration form and be connected at the scheduled time for the transmission.

3Who can attend the JPR 2020 Virtual lives?

Lives are open and free for all interested parties, and are recommended only for medical professionals. In these activities, there will be no simultaneous translation.

4What is the best internet browser to watch those lives?

We recommend the Google Chrome browser. Transmission performance on other browsers may not be as expected.

5I am using Google Chrome, but my transmission is freezing. What now?

We ask that you first check that your internet connection is adequate. Sometimes the problem needs to be resolved with the ISP. We also request that you use wired internet, which guarantees better performance and more excellent stability. If the internet is adequate and the problem persists, we ask that you update/reload the page.

6When I access the broadcast, I don’t hear any sound. What should I do?

The sound is set to mute automatically. It is necessary to click on the volume icon located on the transmission screen to activate the sound. If the problem persists, we ask that you refresh the page to reaccess the broadcast.

7I filled out the form, followed all the guidelines above, but as soon as I accessed the screen, the video did not appear. How to proceed?

In this case, we request that you refresh/reload the page and wait for a few seconds until the video screen appears again. Do not forget to click on “play” to view the content.

8How do I watch the class in full screen?

You can expand the broadcast to full screen by clicking on the square at the bottom right of the player, above the question form.

9Can I interact with lecturers and moderators? How do I submit questions?

Of course! To send your question, it’s simple: below the transmission screen, is the form with the fields “City”, “Country” and “Question”. Just fill them in with your questions or comments, and they will be sent to the session moderator(s).

10Can I watch lives later? Will they be recorded?

The lives recordings will be added to the JPR 2020 Virtual collection within the new SPR Digital Video Library, along with the classes that are being recorded at a distance. Access to the content is restricted to active members of SPR and will be available from June 24 to September 30.

1What is the Cafe JPR Virtual?

It is a space for the virtual and informal meeting of doctors residing in Diagnostic Imaging, radiologists and doctors of other specialties to discuss the lives themes that are being transmitted at JPR 2020 Virtual, including the theme of the day, or to talk about issues relevant to the practice of Diagnostic Imaging or medical practice in general.

2How will the dynamics of Cafe JPR Virtual be?

It will work as a coffee break moment of the face-to-face events, where those waiting for the start of the next Live will be able to talk with their colleagues about the various subjects of interest to the specialty. There will always be a moderator in the meeting room to organize the conversations. Interested parties can even suggest a topic for chatting, take questions and issues for reflection, or share their current day-to-day experience.

3When do these meetings take place?

On June 10 to 24, on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 5 pm to 6 pm, and on Fridays, from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm (UTC -3). The meetings of the Cafe JPR Virtual will start again in the second phase of lives, beginning on July 27.

4Who can attend the Cafe JPR Virtual?

All interested doctors, especially Imaging Diagnostic residents and radiologists.

5How do I participate in the Cafe JPR Virtual?

Links for each meeting are available in the Program menu, under the “Cafe JPR Virtual” button.

6In which tool will the Cafe JPR Virtual take place? Do I need to download an app beforehand to participate?

The tool used for this meeting is Google Meet. It can be used by the Google Chrome internet browser or by the appl available in Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

7Other recommendations on attending the Cafe JPR Virtual

When connecting, test your microphone and camera. We recommend that you always keep your camera on and your mic off, turning it on whenever you want to speak up. At this meeting, it is essential to introduce yourself and remain visible to other participants. You can also send messages to all participants by the “chat” tool.
If you have other problems and questions, send a message through “Contact Us” or contact directly by email: